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This indicator identifies the market trend and displays a logical trailing stop in order to stay with the trend for longer moves. With the Alchemy TrendCatcher, you will never miss a big market move. We've developed a proprietary market trend and volatility calculation that works in any market and on any time frame. These indicators will help you to stay in the right direction of any market move. The Alchemy Trend Catcher's trailing indicator is self-adaptive to the market's current volatility, therefore minimizing the initial risk while staying with the trend.  Our Alchemy TrendCatcher indicator is a powerful trend trading tool that is very easy to use. This indicator package contains a chart analysis indicator and a separate RadarScreen/Scanner indicator.

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Strong Trend Indicators
Ever feel like the train left the station and you were not on it? The Strong Trend indicator is designed to identify strong trending markets and then locate possible entry points in that strong trend. This indicator is self-adaptive and responds to market volatility.


 Complete Trend Package

 With the Alchemy Trend Complete Indicator Package, we have combined our Alchemy Trend Catcher and our Alchemy Strong Trend Entry indicators into one trend trading system.  These combined indicators eliminate a large percentage of whipsaws and filter out a significant amount of noise when the market is in a non-trending, consolidating phase.  At the same time, they capture all major market moves.


  Order Macro Indicators

Alchemy Order Macro Stop-Target-Trailing Indicator

The Alchemy Order Macro Stop-Target-Trailing Indicator automatically detects open positions and has the option of placing order macros for a protective stop, 2 targets and 2 trailing stops on a real time basis. This indicator offers more flexible and sophisticated ways of placing exit orders than are available in the TradeStation Matrix window.  All stop and limit orders that are placed by this indicator are shown in the Matrix window and they can be easily moved in the Matrix window by dragging them up or down.

Order Alchemy Order Macro Stop-Target-Trailing Indicator


Alchemy Strategy Position Equalizer Indicator

This indicator keeps all real time open positions in sync with the strategy positions on a chart by automatically placing orders whenever it detects a position mismatch between real time open positions and strategy positions.

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   Overbought/Oversold Indicators
Trade with the momentum on your side.  When an oscillator such as the Stochastics or the RSI is in oversold territory, it typically indicates that the selling pressure is exhausted and that prices might get ready to move to the upside or at least stop falling. Vice versa, when these oscillators are in overbought territory, it typically indicates that the buying pressure is exhausted and that prices might get ready to move to the downside or at least stop rising. When these conditions occur simultaneously on either 2 different oscillators or on the same oscillators on 2 different time frames, the likelihood of a price reversal greatly increases. Our Overbought/Oversold indicators spot overbought and oversold conditions on up to 2 oscillators on a single data series or on up to 2 different data series.

Signal Line-%Ds Hook Divergence Indicators
These multiple divergence indicators pick the most significant reversal points by combining the Stochastics %D Slow and the MACD Signal Line.  Our %Ds-Signal Line Divergence Indicators use a proprietary and newly improved calculation for the Stochastics %D Slow as well as for the MACD Signal Line that are optimized and fine-tuned to help identify divergence.
These unique indicators search for all price pivots with their correlating %D Slow hooks and MACD Signal Line peaks/valleys, therefore filtering out any unnecessary noise. If divergence is found between price and the Stochastics %D Slow as well as the MACD Signal Line, the indicators mark the divergence points on the %D Slow, price pivots and the MACD signal line as well as their corresponding previous pivot points. By confirming the divergence with the %D Slow AND the MACD Signal Line, the reliability for a price reversal is greatly increased.

MACD-%Ds Hook Indicators
These indicators consist of a MACD Indicator and a %Ds Indicator. Since TradeStation's standard MACD indicators only use bar lengths for EMA1, EMA2 and the signal line, we have designed the AlchemyMACD Indicator's inputs so that the values can be entered in either bar lengths OR in smoothing factor percentages. This eliminates the need for any conversion from smoothing factors to bar lengths, which would result in MACD's that never precisely match. Additionally, with our AlchemyMACD Indicator, the moving average types for the fast and slow moving averages of the MACD as well as the MACD average can be specified, therefore these averages are not limited to exponential averages as with the standard TradeStation MACD.  The Alchemy %Ds Hook Indicator uses a formula that is different from TradeStation's standard DSlow calculation to optimally work with divergence. It also points out hooks by changing plot colors and it contains a user-defined input that sets a minimum slope for a hook requirement.

Divergence Indicators
Spot tops and bottoms on any time frame. These are unique indicators not included in TradeStation. There are five separate divergence indicators that provide an alert and pop-up text whenever a divergent condition exists between price and the selected indicator. You may select between CCI, RSI, Stochastics, MACD or Tick to determine divergence.

Counter-Trend Indicators
This indicator package includes the Alchemy PriceDiverge, the Alchemy Pivots, the Alchemy RSIDiverge and the Alchemy StochDiverge indicators, combining our most powerful indicators for counter-trend trading.

Auto Fibonacci Retracement Indicators
Never miss a retracement level again. Identify your pullback target levels and enter the market with confidence. The Alchemy Auto Fibonacci Retracement indicators include five different indicators: Swing Retracement, Pivot Retracement, Daily Retracement, Trend Retracement and a highly customized retracement indicator designed for maximum use with the popular S&P futures contract.

Manual Fibonacci Retracement/Extension Tools
The Alchemy Fibonacci Retracement tool is an enhanced retracement tool that draws a line from the swing start to the swing end, draws up to 7 fibonacci retracement lines and labels them with their corresponding retracement price. There are 2 different methods of applying Fibonacci Extensions. In Elliott wave methodology, the Fibonacci Extensions are drawn from the beginning of a swing to the end of the swing (beginning of Wave 1 to end of Wave 3) and then to the retracement point (Wave 4) to find a target price area for the next swing that is expected to resume the trend of the previous swing (Wave 5). Another common method extends the Fibonacci Extensions from the beginning of the swing. The Alchemy Fibonacci Extension tool accommodates both methods and it draws a line from the swing start to the swing end. If it is set to use the retracement extension method, it also draws a line from the swing end to the retracement point. It then draws up to 7 projected fibonacci extensions and labels them with their corresponding extension price. All of the swing and retracement points for both tools can be determined by either moving text object labels or by entering them through inputs.

Candlestick Engulfment & Reversal Indicators
Spot the most powerful candlestick engulfment and reversal patterns while still using your Open,High,Low,Close Charts. Identify potential turning points in the market with the Alchemy Engulfment and Reversal Indicators. Combine the Engulfment and Reversal Indicators with other indicators such as Stochastics, Alchemy Divergence or the Alchemy Support and Resistance Indicator to help you determine the strength of any potential turning point in the market.

Floor Traders Pivot Points Indicator

The traders in the pits know these trigger points, do you? They use them to buy and sell every day.  Floor traders pivot points are a well-known technique used by floor traders (locals) and market makers in the trading pits to calculate intraday support and resistance points.  These indicators automatically calculate the floor traders pivots as well as their mid points and display them either as horizontal trend lines or as plot lines. Each pivot is clearly labeled with text objects that can easily be disabled and the color for each pivot can be individually controlled. Individual alerts can be enabled for each pivot, to generate alerts when the market approaches or breaks each pivot.

Unique feature:  Our indicators can be used to display daily, monthly, weekly or yearly pivots.

 Here are the unique features of our Floor Traders Pivots indicators:

* Multi pivots to display daily, monthly, weekly or yearly pivots!

* Automatic recalculation of new pivots at the end of the current session, rather than waiting for the new session to open!

* Additional pivots S3, S1, S5 and R3, R4, R5 as well as their corresponding mid-points!

* Start and end time inputs for custom sessions that are especially useful for markets such as the Forex market!

* Ability to simultaneously display pivots for multiple periods!

* Manually override the high/low/close in order to adjust for official closing numbers!

* Custom input to specify the base pivot calculation!

Floor Traders Mid Points Indicator
Stay in sync with the traders in the pits with these new trigger points. This indicator plots the mid points of the classic floor traders pivot points. In recent times, the mid points have become important areas of support and resistance.
    Open/High/Low/Close Indicator

This indicator is an excellent addition to our Floor Traders Pivots indicators or it can be used as a stand alone indicator.  The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly open/high/low/close are used for support and resistance points just like the floor traders pivot points. The Alchemy Open/High/Low/Close indicator automatically displays these pivots on your chart.  Each Open/High/Low/Close is clearly labeled with text objects that can easily be disabled and the color for each Open/High/Low/Close can be individually controlled. Individual alerts can be enabled for each Open/High/Low/Close, to generate alerts when the market approaches or breaks each Open/High/Low/Close.  Here are some of the unique features of this indicator:

* Multi pivots to display the daily, monthly, weekly or yearly Open/High/Low/Close!

* Start and end time inputs for custom sessions that are especially useful for markets such as the Forex market!

* Ability to simultaneously display the Open/High/Low/Close for multiple periods!

* Manually override the Open/High/Low/Close in order to adjust for official closing numbers!

Rolling Pivot Points Indicator
For the very short term trader who wants to stay current with the floor action. This indicator calculates the classic floor traders pivots on an hourly basis in order to identify shorter term areas of support and resistance.

Gap Indicator
Market news, world news, Greenspan speaks? All of these events can move markets overnight creating gap trade opportunities. The Gap Indicator identifies, labels and alerts you to any gap opening in the market. In addition, the indicator provides a visual alert when any gap opening is then filled by market activity.  This indicator also displays the 1/2 gap which becomes an important target when the market experiences bigger gaps.  The Alchemy Gap indicator contains the unique feature of being able to specify the daily session start and end time on all session symbols which is critical for overnight markets.

Support & Resistance Pivot Points Indicators
Some of the best traders in the world use logical support and resistance levels to make trading decisions. Let us help you find those levels. This indicator identifies and labels actual support and resistance points created by market action. In addition, the indicator will also alert you when any support or resistance point is approached by current price.

Breakout Indicator
Whether it is new highs or new lows, you will always know when it happens with Trading Alchemy is breakout indicator. This Indicator detects price breakouts on a user-defined basis. The indicator gives alerts whenever a breakout occurs and labels the actual breakout points on your chart.

Bar Pattern Analysis Indicator
Price bars, through the distribution of prices, leave footsteps in the sand. Get inside market action and know, bar by bar, what the price bars are telling you. The Alchemy Bar Pattern Analysis indicator identifies and labels price bars according to bullish or bearish patterns. In addition, the indicator identifies price bars that act as support and resistance or indicate unusual or significant price movements.

Multiple Moving Averages Crossover Indicators
Detect momentum changes in the market with Trading Alchemy is Crossover Indicator. Take the lag out of spotting moving average crossovers. Know for certain and in real-time the exact point when the moving averages cross. The Alchemy Crossover Indicator fills an important void in the standard TradeStation set of indicators. They offer the flexibility of combining different types of moving averages together with their crossover feature. Besides the moving average cross plots, our Alchemy Multiple Moving Averages Crossover Indicators also contain integrated optional bullish and bearish paint bar alerts as well as various line coloring features based on their moving average line slopes or their relative positioning.

Intraday Time Zones Indicator
Ever noticed that certain times of the day are more active than others? This indicator alerts you to the various widely recognized daytrading time zones. Certain times in the market day have been recognized as exhibiting repeatable, consistent trading patterns.

High Low Mid Points Indicators
Is the market near a new high or low? Is the general trend up or down? Know for sure and keep track of these important points with Trading Alchemy is High, Low, Mid Points Indicator. The Alchemy High, Low Mid Points indicators consist of four indicators which plot the high, low and mid points of the market on either an intraday, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. In addition, the Alchemy High, Low, Mid Points indicator indicates trend direction based on the selected time frame.

Trailing Stop Indicators
Incorporate the Golden Rule of trading: Cut your losses short and let your profits run. Let Trading Alchemy is Trailing Stop Indicators assist you with logical stop placement. The Alchemy Trailing Stop Indicators are based on three different methodologies: Percent Retracement, Volatility and Pivot stop. These logical stops placements are designed to capture the majority of any substantial move in the market while providing adequate protection of your market position.

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Government regulations require disclosure of the fact that past performance, whether actual or indicated by historical tests of strategies or indicator methods, is no guarantee of future performance or success. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss equal to or greater than your entire investment regardless of which asset class you trade (equities, options futures or forex); therefore, you should not invest or risk money that you cannot afford to lose. Any advisory or signal generated by Trading Alchemy indicators or strategies is provided for educational purposes only and any trades placed upon reliance on Trading Alchemy indicators or strategies are taken at your own risk for your own account. Consult your broker or advisor prior to making any investment decisions. The information made available on this Website is not an offer to buy or sell securities, securities derivative, futures products or off-exchange foreign currency (forex) transactions of any kind.  All proprietary technology of Trading Alchemy indicators and strategies is owned by Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.


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