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TradeStation Chart Set-Up and Computer Assistance
Joe Jogerst, Chief Technical Officer of Trading Alchemy, is a TradeStation and MultiCharts Open Platform Developer. He develops trading software and trading systems for instructors and professional traders. Over the years, Joe has helped many traders set up their computers with TradeStation as well as with MultiCharts, build their charts and has provided technical support and training service for these platforms.

If you need assistance with setting up your charts, if you would like to use TradeStation or MultiCharts more efficiently or if you need help with any technical issues in TradeStation or in MultiCharts, you can schedule a phone consultation. Joe also offers a remote training service using a remote program which allows him to connect directly to your computer through the internet (with your consent of course) and hold a live training session. With this remote training service you can sit back and let Joe do the work on your computer.

This service is available at an hourly rate and if you are interested in scheduling a consultation or if you have any specific questions, please contact Joe at technicalsupport@tradingalchemy.com



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