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Alchemy Trading
Technologies, Inc.

Joe Jogerst

P.O. Box 7506

Boulder, Colorado 80306

Phone: 303-258-9786
Email: info@tradingalchemy.com

The Company: Alchemy Trading Technologies, founded by Joe Jogerst in 2001, offers a variety of trading indicators and strategies developed for all versions of TradeStation and can be applied to any market.

The Developer: Joe Jogerst, founder of Alchemy Trading Technologies, is a seasoned trader with 20 years of experience in programming and software development. As a skilled programmer and trader , Joe was commissioned by a number of trading schools and instructors, to write indicators and trading systems, based on their own methodology, to be integrated into their coursework. The conception for Alchemy Trading Technologies came as a result of many years of analyzing the market and realizing that there were missing elements in the trading software that was available to traders. Joe set out on a mission to develop the best Indicators possible in order to automate his own trading and give him an advantage in analyzing market conditions. Alchemy Trading Technologies came about as the result of many years of research and now offers Joe's most successful selection of trading indicators to a worldwide audience.

The Products:
Trading Alchemy Indicator Packages
In order to trade successfully, it is vital to have the proper tools to analyze the market accurately. Trading Alchemy is a comprehensive trading software package written and used by real traders in all markets. It is a highly graphic and easy to use indicator package for the TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms. The Trading Alchemy Indicators excel in their use of real time text objects and trendlines, as well as extensive and flexible alert features. This gives the trader an advantage in trading and analyzing the market. Trading Alchemy fully utilizes the Analysis Commentary functionality to educate the trader in the use of each indicator. The Trading Alchemy software enhances the basic built-in set of platform indicators and introduces many new indicators and studies to the TradeStation and MultiCharts toolbox. It is a complete selection of indicators that seeks to offer all of the necessary tools for trading in any market; be it swing trading, position trading or day trading.

The Trading Alchemy indicator package consists of over 100 indicators in the following categories: Divergence, Auto Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions, Floor Traders Pivots, Support & Resistance, Counter-Trend, Volatility, Reversals, Oscillators, Candlestick, Bar Patterns, Gap-Open, Trend, Breakout, Momentum, Moving Averages Crossover, Time Zones, High Low Mid Points and Trailing Stop. These indicators are available via various packages or they can be purchased individually.


Government regulations require disclosure of the fact that past performance, whether actual or indicated by historical tests of strategies or indicator methods, is no guarantee of future performance or success. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss equal to or greater than your entire investment regardless of which asset class you trade (equities, options futures or forex); therefore, you should not invest or risk money that you cannot afford to lose. Any advisory or signal generated by Trading Alchemy indicators or strategies is provided for educational purposes only and any trades placed upon reliance on Trading Alchemy indicators or strategies are taken at your own risk for your own account. Consult your broker or advisor prior to making any investment decisions. The information made available on this Website is not an offer to buy or sell securities, securities derivative, futures products or off-exchange foreign currency (forex) transactions of any kind.  All proprietary technology of Trading Alchemy indicators and strategies is owned by Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.


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